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Ready for an adventure?     The "locals" took Connie out and showed her some more trails that she can incorporate into her ride.  You thought you saw some great views last year, look out for 2018!  I hope you can do more than just one day of riding.   Remember the trails take you away from camp so the control checks are all out of camp.  I have given you a few links on the front page telling you how to prepare for these kinds of control checks.  There will be someone that can take your supplies out to the control checks. 

We will have the Pioneer Rides once again this year and we are working on some fabulous prizes.  Oh, of course we will have the Set Speed Rides, and if you have another type of ride that you would like to see email Connie at to let her know!

This long distance ride is set in the rugged Canadian Shield of the Madawaska Highlands of the Ottawa Valley, where there are thousands of untamed acres of forest and wildlife.  The trails may be old settler riding trails, abandoned logging roads and some new well used ATV trails, so you will have decent footing as you cross clear fast flowing streams.   Take a moment and watch the fish play, as your horse drinks as you cross the stream.  You will be riding through the rolling hills of the Highlands with some spectacular views!  Be sure to sing loudly or wear a bell to let the bear or moose know that you are riding through!

When:  August 4, 5, 6 Saturday, Sunday and Monday  are the days you will be riding.

What:  This is a 3-day Endurance Multi Day Ride sanctioned by AERC and OCTRA.  Mileage is 50, 50, 50 miles.  There is also  25  mile LD and a separate 10 and 13  mile Set Speed Rides, sanctioned by OCTRA over the three days.

How Do You Sign UP?   We would like you to enter online.  Be sure to go to the Entries section of this website.  But if you can't sign up online, mail your entries to the ride secretary: Connie Rawski, 4609 Lobsinger Line, St. Clements, Ontario, N0B 2M0  Make the cheques out to Connie Rawski.

The deadline for receiving mailed in entries will be June 26th, as there will no one around after that to process your entries  Also, we will be up at the ride site preparing for the big event and we will not have internet service there.  You will have to show up at the ride site with your entry in hand and since you have not pre entered, assume that you are paying a late fee of $25.00.   NOTICE:   You can email your entries and pay electronically  by July 10th.   After that it is a $25 dollar late fee. 

If you sign up for all 3 days in the Multi Day Ride and your horse cannot start day 2 or 3 due to veterinary concerns, yes you will get your money back.  Registration will take place the evening before, as the ride starts at first light and no one will be around, because all of the vet checks are away from camp.

You will be camping for a nominal fee at Quadeville Fish and Hunt Club.  Space is limited so please park to allow for lots of trailers.  We may have to cut off entries due to lack of camping room.

We will be having a campfire most nights so be sure to bring your guitar, singing voices and stories.

- dogs on leash
- pack out what garbage you bring in
- manure and hay cleaned up before you leave.  You may toss it all into the bush.
- generators off at 9:00 p.m.
- there has been a fire ban, this may/not be in effect then.  Otherwise main campfire is allowed
- swimming is available at Kargus Lake
- sorry no showers are available
- no cell service

Recommended Hoofware for you horse at the Madawaska Ride.

  • Steel Shoes with Borium and pads.
  • The question you need to ask is how rocky is the ride.  -  rocks scattered through out for the first 15 miles.  You are coming down off of a mountain and there are rocks kicked up by the ATV's through-out the trail. You have numerous deep water crossing too.  You are sometimes riding on logging roads and extra gravel may have been put down, so that the logging trucks don't get stuck.  If your horse needs pads on gravel roads and over rocks, then wear pads.  Your horse has 3 days of this trail. 
  • For the Endurance riders, Day 2
  • Easy boot, Renegades or such tied to your saddle is always a good idea.  Be sure that you know how to put it on and it is fitted for your horse
  • All riders bring an extra set of shoes, or glue on shoes, as you are bound to pull one and the farrier may not be able to get to your horse until that evening. He is hoping to ride 2 days of this trail.  Have extra pads for the shoes too.
  •  If anything, this ride teaches you to "Be Prepared"
  • Pit Crews Day 2 checks are out of camp.  Bring everything with you.  Make a list so that you don't forget anything.