How to get here.  IMPORTANT!! 

DO NOT FOLLOW YOUR GPS. TURN IT OFF!  It will take you down an unopened roads that you can not get your rig out of.  Last place to get diesel fuel is McArthurs Mills on the hwy 28 after Bancroft and Kaladar on hwy 41 once you come off the 401,  in Renfrew as you make your way from Ottawa and Eganville, when coming from the north. 

Our phone number (Red Wolf Retreat) is (613)754-5241. Cell phone reception is intermittent but good around Foymount.

From the 401 riders can take either Hwy. 41 north past Griffith and turning towards Eganville,  BUT after the left hand turn at Hwy. 41, drive only about 1km and turn left onto the Opeongo Road, Cty. Rd. 64. Drive about 18km to the Rosien Road. Turn left and drive 4.5-5 km to Red Wolf Retreat (also an Opeongo Mountain Trout Farm sign at the gate) at 989 Rosien Road. The second blue building is our house.
If you miss the turn on Hwy. 41 to Eganville, you will come to the village of Dacre.

Or the long way with not many hills,

take Hwy. 28 north to Bancroft and then travel on Cty. Rd. 62 to Combermere. Turn right onto Hwy. 515 and pass through Palmer Rapids and Quadville. Continue on 515 (past Connie's) to the end of the road at Cty. Rd. 512, Foymount Road. Turn right and past Foymount (about 2km) you will come to the Opeongo Road, Cty. Rd. 64. Turn right and drive 8-10 km to the Rosien Road. Turn right and drive 4.5-5 km to Red Wolf Retreat (also an Opeongo Mountain Trout Farm sign at the gate) at 989 Rosien Road. The second blue building is our house.

From Bancroft:

If you are coming from Bancroft take HWY 28 and continue right on it at Hardwood Lake.  Take HWY 28 to HWY 41.  Turn left onto HWY 41 all the way to Opeongo Road.  Turn left and go up the hill towards Foymount, you will be turning before Foymount.  Before you reach the end of the road you will see a road called Rosien Rd.  Turn left and go down to the end of that road. Place is on the left.

If you like steep hills but have a good rig, be forewarned, that after coming from Bancroft on HWY 62  to Hardwood Lake is dangerously hilly.  At that point the road changes to Schutt Road which is quite dangerously hilly.  Take this road to the stop sign.  Do not turn off this road before the stop sign.  When you get to the stop sign you will turn right onto the 515.  As you travel along the  515 you will come to a stop sign.  Turn right to Quadeville at which point you will turn left at the gas station.  (Do NOT go straight ahead.  You will enter crown land roads which will be part of the trail that the horses will be travelling on.)  Continue up the hill on the 515 towards Foymount.  Take this road all the way to the next stop sign where you will turn right again. Go past Foymount and turn right onto Opeongo Road and make your way down to Rosien Road.  Turn right onto Rosien Road and go to the end of this road -almost- to Red Wolf Retreat.

Coming from Ottawa.

Directions from Ottawa:  Take Hwy 417 west onto Hwy. 17 west to Renfrew. You will turn left on the O'Brien Road exit (the one with the stop lights) and follow it through the construction, and down through the downtown. There are some nice stores here if you need to pick up any supplies. At the end of downtown (Mac's store, McEwen's, Valley Bytes recycling) you will turn left to get to Hwy. 132. Drive 2 blocks and turn right for a block. Turn left at the laundormat and Catholic Church. Drive for about 25 minutes and you will drive through Dacre. About 3 km past Dacre you will come to an intersection of Hwys. 132 and 41. Turn right onto hwy. 41 and drive only about 1 km to the Opeongo Road (Cty. Road 64). Turn left and drive about 20 km up the mountain to the Rosien Road. Turn left and drive on the gravel road about 4.5 km. We are on the left-hand side. Watch for goats, they may be out in the field and check in at the second blue building.
call if you need help finding us but be aware there is intermittent cell phone service.

 Coming from North of Eganville - or getting groceries  - 20 min. drive

Take the 512 when you are leaving Eganville.  As you are going out of town towards

Hyw. 41 anyways, you see the 512 going off to the right at the gas station.  Take that and you would turn left again about a mile out of town, as that is the way the 512 goes. Sand Road goes straight ahead. Don't take Sand Road. Take the 512 on the flatlands, past Lake Clear and through Cormac, then up the big hill towards Foymount.  Just before your crest the hill and before Foymount you will see Opeongo Road.  Turn left onto that and you will pass a small road called Raddatz.  The next one is called Rosien Road.  Turn right on Rosien Road and go all the way to the end of it - almost- and you will see Red Wolf Retreat on the left.   

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