I constantly have people wonder how I do these rides “all by myself and for that many days”.  I don't do them by myself!  I couldn't.  The sometimes not so obvious answer is that I have an enormous support group of friends and volunteers. Last year I had numerous "MAD"(awaska) pit crews, grounded riders and locals, who pitched in at the P&R stops, setting up water, working on trail projects, as well as donating time, money and items for the rides.  Without this support  I  would not have a ride. This is especially true when weather and other factors create problems that no single person could handle. As usual, this year I would like to thank the following people who helped make this ride a success.   People like Deb Mc., Mike R., Jim R., Ron Savard, Judy Saunders, Vets, Stan A., Art K., Mary W., Editors: Kristen H. Pre Trail riders, Nancy Z., Rob T., Rob W., Chrystal W., Earle B., Mari P., Donators, Bob C., Michelle B., Red Wolf Retreat gang- Nancy M., Bill M., Wyatt M., .....  and the list goes on and on. These people and more, stepped in to help  make this a successful ride. I must also mention on ride day, all of the pit crews who also helped to make it a successful ride!  All rides depend on wonderful, giving people and I want to thank each and everyone of you!        THANK YOU!!

Ride Of Canadians

For the all Endurance, the Limited Distance and all Set Speed rides over 20 miles, the control checks are all out of camp by a stream, lake or the river. 

Arrogant Worms - Sing  Rocks and Trees in CANADA

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