Ride Of Canadians

For the all Endurance, the Limited Distance and all Set Speed rides over 20 miles, the control checks are all out of camp by a stream, lake or the river. 

Arrogant Worms - Sing  Rocks and Trees in CANADA

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I constantly have people wonder how I do these rides “all by myself and for that many days”.  I don't do them by myself!  I couldn't.  The sometimes not so obvious answer is that I have an enormous support group of friends and volunteers. Last year I had numerous "MAD"(awaska) pit crews, grounded riders and locals, who pitched in at the P&R stops, setting up water, working on trail projects, as well as donating time, money and items for the rides.  Without this support  I  would not have a ride. This is especially true when weather and other factors create problems that no single person could handle. As usual, this year I would like to thank the following people who helped make this ride a success.   People like Deb Mc., Mike R., Jim R., Ron Savard, Judy Saunders, Vets, Stan A., Art K., Mary W., Editors: Kristen H. Pre Trail riders, Nancy Z., Rob T., Rob W., Chrystal W., Earle B., Mari P., Donators, Bob C., Michelle B., Red Wolf Retreat gang- Nancy M., Bill M., Wyatt M., .....  and the list goes on and on. These people and more, stepped in to help  make this a successful ride. I must also mention on ride day, all of the pit crews who also helped to make it a successful ride!  All rides depend on wonderful, giving people and I want to thank each and everyone of you!        THANK YOU!!